Peretti Cane Corso Testimonials


Dear Mike Peretti,
I am writing regarding Marbles, the Cane Corso puppy we purchased from you in May,2013.First of all, I would like to thank you for time you spent educating us. Your open book approach to your practices and expertise were essential to choosing a Cane Corso. Being the top breeder in America, Peretti Cane Corso became our breeder of choice. The high level of service and support you provided through the breeding and selection process was impressive. You
understood our need to balance between a family pet and a protection dog. We were confident we would receive a puppy that would be a great match to our family and lifestyle. MORE.....

Mike :
We just wanted to take the time to thank you guys sincerely for the wonderful pup you provided us with. Ruger is just shy of 6 months, we’ve had him for just about 4, and from the minute he came into our home it was evident that he was the right guy for us.
We cannot thank you enough for all of the knowledge you provided us with and the time you spent with us prior to deciding whether or not a Corso was for us. We had spent 6 months to a year researching the breed before we contacted you and we could not be more thankful than to have purchased one of your dogs. From our very first contact with you, you were prompt to return inquiries and answer questions, straight forward and upfront with information, and extremely informative. We never felt pressured or rushed, it was quite the opposite really. Your provided us with such a sense of certainty by providing all of the documentation on your dogs and conveying so much of your knowledge and love of the breed that we knew we were in great hands. Furthermore, your dogs spoke for themselves when you allowed us to interact with each and every one. That was what sealed the deal for us; being able to experience how stable and well-mannered they all were is what really made the difference for us.
Since the day Ruger came home with us, he has blended right into our family. He adds so much excitement to our lives on a daily basis. He is hands down the most intelligent dog I have ever owned, and he still has a lot to learn being such a young pup. He knows all of his basic commands and listens impeccably. He is extremely social, very loyal and loving to our family and protective but never aggressive. Everywhere we go, people stop us to ask about him. We get more compliments on him, which is a direct reflection of what a wonderful job you guys have done with your program.  Most importantly, he has adapted into the best big brother ever! We recently welcomed our son Michael into the world on November 14th and Ruger absolutely loves him! The first night home with the baby, Ruger slept in front of his bassinet and watched him all night. Everywhere our son goes, Ruger is right there with him, trying to snuggle and give him kisses. For such a big puppy, he is so gentle around Michael it really is extraordinary to watch,
Again, we would just like to thank you for everything. We wish you both continued success and we will definitely keep you updated as Ruger grows.
     Nicole & Mike, Hudson, MA.

Ready for a novel!!haha(inside joke of Mike and I’s) Anyways, getting to know Mike has been a pleasure in my search for a stable Cane Corso. For me to truly show the magnitude of what Mike has done for me in producing and choosing the male cane corso puppy I now own today, I have to start from the recent tragic event in my life. On April 2nd, 2011 my fiancé and I rushed to the hospital to deliver our daughter Alexis Michelle Adams. Up to the moment the chord was cut everything was “picture perfect” at least that was what the doctors believed every time we went to get a checkup. Alexis passed away 40 minutes later from what we later found out was a condition known as Pulmonary Hyperplasia. Three days later we had Alexis’s funeral. That night Sheri (my fiancé) complained of a headache and was crying uncontrollably so I picked her up, put her in the car, and rushed her to the last place me or her wanted to go the ER/hospital. One hour later Sheri had a seizure she nearly died from, we later that night found out it she had brain hemorrhage. She was immediately airlifted to a hospital hours away from home and spent 7 days in ISU. She was released and we could now be together and grieve as she recovered. To try and somewhat fill the hole of losing Alexis we purchased a Cane Corso puppy from a Police Officer in Portland, IN. We longed to take care of something, because we had anticipated taking care of Alexis. As the Cane Corso got older we noticed that he was becoming a very fearful animal and more of a danger to us and society than a comfort to us during our grieving. After going to many trainers, an animal hospital (Purdue University Animal Hospital, IN), and a behaviorist we had to make the unbelievably hard decision to put down Yoda our Cane Corso down for the fact that he was a fear aggressive 10 month old 120 pound time bomb. I rarely ever cry, but I cried like a baby over the loss of our dog and because I had to see Sheri cry when all I wanted after the loss of Alexis was to make her happy. One night many months later I made a promise to Sheri and to myself that the next Cane Corso I purchased would be from a reputable breeder and that I would go visit the breeder and the parents of the puppy I would purchase. NO EXCEPTIONS. After lots of research and time spent on the phone with breeders I was drawn to Mike Perette with Peretti Cane Corso and what he stood for as a person and breeder. Mike and I really saw eye to eye and he was deeply saddened when he heard our tragic story about Alexis and then Yoda. He wanted to show us that the Cane Corso Italian Mastiff was a family loving and stable breed. After TONS of questions from us we decided to go with Mike for our next Cane Corso puppy. I flew out to Middleboro and was welcomed by Mike and his family. Mike had a male picked out for me from the Palermo X Gia litter which I was thrilled about of course. I told Mike I wanted the pick male prior to me flying out to see him and he delivered exactly that. Our new puppy Briggs is everything I dreamed a Cane Corso would be, he is a loving pup and most importantly has a stable temperament. Also, he looks great too and we constantly get compliments on him when we take him to the park. THANK YOU SOO MUCH from Sheri and I and who we call our furry baby J Briggs.
-Your friends Bobby Adams and Sheri Miller

10 months ago, we were graciously allowed into Mikes home to see first hand what Perretti Cane Corso was about. Not only did Mike spend time talking to us and explaining everything about the breed, but he allowed us to meet all their dogs and was an open book. As soon as we saw the dogs, we were immediately confident in our decision to get a Perretti Pup. Every single one of them (young and old) was so happy, friendly and well- tempered. We’ve never seen so many tails that could wag that fast…until we brought our Mia home that is! The amount of care and concern that Mike gave us from day 1 was unbelievable. It was very easy to see that that they truly do care about their dogs and their program. At no time was it ever about money. It was always about the welfare of the pup and finding the right home. Mike was and is always available for any questions and concerns we have and there have been a few! We are so grateful that we have our Mia. She is hands down the best decision we’ve made. Everyone that meets her falls in love with her! Her personality and temperament are better than we could have asked for. We cannot thank Mike & Courtney enough for giving us the best thing that’s happened to us.
As luck would have it, 2 weeks ago we got a surprise addition to our house, Zeus. He is another amazing Peretti pup as well. Such a handsome boy and so well-tempered and friendly with everyone, 4 legged or 2! The two of them are like 2 peas in pod!
~Tom & Danielle

We purchased our puppy Tonka from Mike a month ago. Tonka has an amazing temperament. She is incredibly gentle with my daughter and gets along well with our other dog, a Doberman and our cat. She is a quick learner and very intelligent, she already does well with sit, lay down, stay and come. Mike does a great job breeding for temperament and is very careful when placing his dogs to make sure they go to a home that will be a good fit. I would not go through any other breeder for a Cane Corso in the future. Tonka has made a great addition to our family and is truly a sweet dog!
Carrie Gravilla

Mike, thank you for Hulk. I couldn't be more impressed with your program, knowledge, your dogs, or what you and the dogs produce. I did my research before visiting, you answered all questions without doubt and produced all paperwork for your dogs with pride. I don't make it 5 ft down the road without getting stopped by people praising and petting Hulk and I always let them know where he came from. Keep up the good work. And by the way, Logan is the man! Thanks for everything.
- Kyle, Belmont NH

Mike i would like to personally thank you for taking the time to explain your Kennel and to allow my wife and kids to handle each and every Cane Corso you had! My wife and kids are still explaining this to our family and friends. All of your Cane Corso's accepted our presence and my wife also talked about the pleasant smell of your Kennel. She was amazed how clean and well kept the Kennel was, unlike other kennels we have visited. You took time to explain what to expect from our pup, from A to Z. (Cane Corso 101) other breeders have the pup ready with their hands out to receive money as soon as you get to their kennel. After bringing home our pup, it amazes me how intelligent this bloodline of the breed you have produced, even as a young pup. The pup is a wonderful addition to my family and our neighborhood, and community. I have had a chance to raise many other breeds throughout my life, and I have to say, the Peretti Cane Corso is on top. Many of my co workers and family and friends are interested in a pup now, so they will be contacting you. Thank you again.

Anthony Cox- NJ

I would just like to say that our overall experience with Peretti Cane Corso was nothing short of spectacular! During our first visit, Mike and his wife Courtney invited us into their home, and he proceeded to discuss just how important hip structure is to this particualr breed. He then provided us with extensive documentation of his dogs' hips (which were excellent).... showing just how serious he takes improving hip quality. He also shared his vast knowledge about the breed's health, appearance and temperament with us. Mike then brought us into his kennels and I can't explain how impressed we were with his dogs. They were "phenominal" looking dogs that were very friendly towards to us and each other. When we left their house, we left impressed and with a LOT more knowledge about the Cane Corso.

Unfortunately, we were not ready to buy a puppy at that time because we already owned a large dog and were also in the process of buying a new home. Mike completely understood our situation and informed us to call him anytime. He also promised us that when we were ready, he would find the exact puppy we were looking for. Sure enough when we called Mike several months later, he informed me that he had a 3 week old litter. He told us that he had the EXACT type of puppy we were looking for. When we met the puppy a few weeks later, he was absolutely gourgeous and had a great disposition! Mike was right on and true to his word!!

I can honestly say that I can't thank Mike enough. His knowledge is second to none and he truly cares about the breed. Equally so, he cares about what kind of home his pups would be placed in. It is obvious that his main objective is to improve the Cane Corso breed and placing them in stable homes, not just making a quick buck. I know this for a fact because we checked out a few different Corso breeders in the Massachusetts area, and they were very "sketchy", to say the least! They were obviously looking for quick cash, while ruining this great breed in the process!!!

Peretti Cane Corso went above and beyond to meet all of our needs and I would highly recommend their services to anyone! Thank you Mike and Courtney for our newest little member of our family!!

Matt & Katie
West Roxbury, MA

Dear Mike,
Let me begin by telling you how proud we are to own a Peretti Cane Corso. We are fairly new to the Corso breed and we purchased our little girl with very high expectations, which were not only met but exceeded. Nala is very proud, playful, fearless, driven and intelligent. She has brought our family nothing but pure joy. Should we ever find ourselves looking to expand our Cane Corso family we know exactly where to go. Best wishes to you and your family and may opulence follow your endeavors to successfully breed and maintain the integrity of the Cane Corso.
     Best Regards, The Vaughn Family

Let me start by saying...Peretti Cane Corso is the leader in breeding for quality and temperament! Three months ago we contacted Peretti Cane Corso via email and were greeted by a phone call and invite to the kennel. Immediately upon arriving with our three children(11, 7, and 7 months) we were welcomed in to find the most adorable puppies and several extremely obedient adults. We had researched this breed for months yet Mike provided us with so much more knowledge of Cane Corsos. Besides the work Mike put into the dogs, he went above and beyond to provide a clean, safe, and family oriented atmosphere for his kennel. I was sold!!!!! The first pup that came up to us was ours!!! A few days later we came to pick up our new edition and have been 100% satisfied since. We have the most loving, obedient pup ever. Protective but aims to please! Did i mention quiet as a mouse...until u need him to be a little rowdy. The quality and  temperament of Peretti Cane Corso pups are unmatched!! Our children and family love him!!! Set any misconceptions of large/protective breeds aside. For a family best friend and the best portable alarm...choose Peretti Cane Corso!!!!
     Sincerely, Bigtime Peretti Cane Corso fan!!!!!

Peretti Cane Corso is not only a beautiful breed of Italian Mastiff but makes a great family dog too. We were excited to bring home Tyson and have a companion for our rescued dog Bentley. They are so sweet together it has been a wonderful experience. Everyone loves Tyson and he is a great edition to our family. Mike told us he breeds for tempermant and that is exactly what we got, a friendly, lovable large lapdog! It is quite obvious mike's love for his dogs and his business benefits everyone involved. I was so impressed by the time the breeder took with us to make sure we brought home the right pet for our family, thanks again Mike, The Fresinas

"Our sincere thanks to Peretti Cane Corso for the great customer service you have provided us. Whenever I had a question or concern, you never hesitated in calling me back. Our puppy is beautiful and he is so much more than we expected. My children are in love with this puppy and we truly enjoy his outstanding and stable temperament. We expect great things for this gorgeous show pup because he is outstanding. Keep up the good work!"

The Echeverria Family

First off, I would like to thank you for all the help you were in the decision of buying our Corso. You were and are very informative about the breed; you’re truly invested and educated in the breed. We’re very happy that we decided to buy a Corso, especially from you. From square one you were very informative and wanted to make sure that this was the dog that would be most compatible with what we were looking for in a breed. It’s very reassuring and comforting that we were able to be around all of your dogs and they were perfectly fine with who ever was there, once you accepted them into your home of course. Once we got to know you and see that you truly care about the well being and reputation of the breed we were sold. It’s great to know that you care so deeply about the bloodlines from where all your dogs come from. You want every person to be happy with the health and temperament of the dog, so you go the extra mile to reassure that when you buy a dog from you it’ll be a healthy and well-tempered dog. What was great to us was that you encouraged us to check out the other breeders in the area. You’re very confident in what you have to offer that you weren’t pressuring us into purchasing a dog from you and that alone was very helpful. I can’t express enough, how happy we are that we bought a beautiful female from you. As you stated, and you’re probably are right, we’ll be back to get another when the time is right. Thank you so much for what you’ve done and what I believe you’ll continue to do as long as we’re in need of advice and information on the well being of this dog.
Thanks So much,  James & Shannon

Dear Mike,
     My family and I would like to thank you for our wonderful new addition. I have had dogs my entire life so, when we had our son, two years ago, I knew this was was something I wanted for him aswell. When I first contacted you, I was impressed with the interest you took in our family dynamics. It was evident that you really cared about our compatibility.
     We have had Sasha for almost 3 months now but, the connection she has made seems as if she's  been here far longer. She has become a faithful friend to my son and even enjoys napping with our two cats! We have yet to find a person or animal she doesn't get along with. I have never own such a docile, well behaved, young pup. Your  professionalism  and "matching efforts" leaving us looking forward to getting a friend for Sasha! Overall, this entire experience was a joy!
     Thank you again,
     Joyce, Joe, and Tristan

In just 5 short weeks of living with our pup Enzo, he has completely stolen our hearts. Getting him was one of the best decisions my husband and I ever made. And getting him through Peretti Cane Corso was even better. Mike and Courtney are amazing! From the minute we met them we knew we were in great hands. Mike welcomed us into his home and allowed us to meet Logan and Nina, two of his adult dogs. We were new to the Cane Corso breed so we wanted to first see what we would be getting into. We were instantly impressed by the temperament and look of these amazing creatures. Then Mike wows us with all his knowledge, credibility, guarantee and just great personality. There we were thinking we were screening him to make sure he is a reputable breeder, which he proved to be 1000 times over. We realized we were also being screened to make sure we would be good pet parents. That did it for us. We knew right away that Mike cares not just about the integrity of the breed but about each and every dog in his program. He spent hours explaining everything and addressing all our questions. By the time we left his house we knew our search was over. We found where we would be getting our puppy. Everything about our experience with Peretti Can Corso was amazing. So much so that we are already talking about another one... In the meantime we recommend them to anyone interested in breed.

Hey Mike,
This testimonial is looooong overdue. Sorry about that we just spend all our free time chilling with Enzo ;-P Here it finally is with some photos. Enjoy and happy Thanksgiving to you and Courtney!

Burju and Victor and Enzo

Dear Mike,
We can't thank you enough for all you've done for us with Rocco! We are truly thankful for your professional, honest, and straightforward approach with providing us with our pup!
For those of you who don't know Mike, let me start by giving you some background information; I have owned dogs in the past (boxers, pitbulls) and have dealt with breeders that seemed professional and thorough. Let me tell you, they don't hold a candle to Mike and his wife. From the time I was referred to him from a friend, Mike has not only answered any and all questions pertaining to the pup, but has gone as far as to provide us knowledge and materials to raise and train our pup, sign us up with a knowledgeable and affordable vet, for Christ's sake he gave me a coupon for dog food!!! Lol! But on a serious note, he absolutely covers all bases for you. He guarantees each dog for 36 months in order to provide you with a dog with ideal physical and mental health, temperament, proper hips, ect. To say he stands behind his product is an understatement. Throughout the 8 weeks waiting for our pup, there wasn't a week that went by that I didn't get a call, text, or picture of our pup from him, and it didn't stop when I got my pup! He called that night and the following morning to ensure Rocco was adjusting accordingly and his attitude and confidence was adequate. I can't say enough positive things about Mike and his knowledge and passion for the breed. Lisa and I will absolutely be getting another Corso and would not settle for anything less than a Peretti Cane Corso.
Extremely grateful, Bryan McLennan and Lisa Addorisio

Mike -
        Wanted to take the time to thank you both again for Rocca!  I knew from my first e-mail to Mike that you guys were going to be trustworthy breeders.  I e-mailed asking Mike if he had any female puppies available and Mike's response to my e-mail was "I would like to talk to you, please call me."  I called and Mike interviewed me for well over 20 minutes which is exactly what a good breeder who is breeding Cane Corso's correctly should be doing before he even disclosed if he had any puppies available or not.
        After receiving even more information on the breed from Mike he asked the famous question, "Are you looking for a particular color?"  I now know this was another information gathering question (test) for Mike to if I was qualified to own and handle a Cane Corso and the reason that is, is because color should not matter.  You want to find a breeder who will be able to assist you in choosing a pup who fits your family's lifestyle, not finding a pup because of it's color.
        Rocca has been with us for two weeks now she has been a complete joy to our family!  I cannot thank you enough for sending the pics of Rocca weekly as she was growing and for answering all of my questions before getting her and now even after we have her you have been readily available for any and all questions we have had.  You guys are doing it the right way and it clearly shows!
        From my experience with Mike & Courtney, I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a solid & stable Cane Corso.

Fondly, Nickie Robinson
Chesapeake, VA

November 2010

Dear Mike,
I want to formally thank you for helping me find Mia. As you know, I had heard about the Cane Corso breed several years ago and thought that if I was ever to own a dog, that is the breed I would like.
So fast forward a couple years and I was still thinking about the breed. Only now I was in a position where I could care for a dog and was motivated to look into it more. I did the online search, talked to friends and even had an opportunity to see the Cane Corso near my home. But before deciding, I wanted to take some time to think about it. I had never had a dog before and I wanted to make sure that my sons and I were ready to take on that responsibility.
I had originally decided on a male puppy. Not sure why I wanted a male or a puppy. I guess I just thought that a puppy was the way to go and seeing how there are three guys in the house; I’d get a male dog as well.

Finally my search led me to you and Peretti Cane Corso. I was impressed with the experience from start to finish. During our initial conversations you showed patience as you shared information and answered all my questions. After several months of talking back and forth, you said to me that given my current situation, you have a 2yr old female that just might be a great fit for our home. Up to that point you had been generous with your time and it was clear that it was about placing the right dog in the right home and it was never about making a sale.

I finally took a ride to meet you in person and to see Mia. Yeah, here comes the guy who wanted a male puppy coming to see a 2 yr old female :)  It didn’t take long for me to know this was a very worth while trip. I felt welcome in your home and could see how much you care about what you do. You gave me the opportunity to look and ask questions. It was fun to see the different Cane Corso’s. You run a tight ship, everything was clean, organized and it was clear that all the dogs were loved and well cared for.  

Then you introduced me to Mia. She was just what I was looking for...a clean, well behaved, great looking Cane Corso. I think it was about a week later that we welcomed Mia into our home. It didn’t take long for Mia to adjust to us and for us to her. 

It has been about 10 months now since Mia joined the family and it’s as if she has been here so much longer. She is a great companion to the boys and me. She has added so much value to our lives. Mia has developed an intense loyalty, especially towards me. The boys and I have a lot of fun with Mia and we love having her in our home.

So again, thank you Mike and Courtney. I appreciate all the time and assistance you gave us. Both before Mia came into our home and the follow-up afterwards. I would highly recommend Peretti Cane Corso to anyone who is considering the Cane Corso breed.

Feel free to share this letter in whole or in part with others.  

Sincerely yours,

Jim Wilson
Holden, MA

My name is Abe and I am a police officer in New Hampshire. About 2 years ago I discovered the Cane Corso breed and knew I had to have one. After a lot of research for a breeder I found one about an hour from where I live. After having to wait a year for the litter, I was excited to hear I was finally getting my puppy. While I was looking online for info on a good ear crop, I happened across Perette Cane Corso's facebook page and noticed his dog's ears looked great. After contacting and talking to Mike about the breeder I had chosen, I learned that he didn't have the reputation I thought he had. Immediatly I called my breeder and told him I could no longer take the puppy and decided to wait until Mike had another litter. Mike wanted me to see his dogs before I made my decision and it was worth it. He has the most beautiful examples of the Cane Corso breed I have seen through all my reaserch and he shows a lot of care and concern for his dogs and their well being. My experience with Mike from the get go was great. I recieved weekly updates even before the puppies were born. He sent pics throughout the weeks I had to wait to bring her home and anytime I had a question about the breed Mike always had the answer. When I finally went down to pick up my puppy on January 7th I couldn't have been more pleased. She is the best tempered, most playful puppy I have seen and her brindle color is amazing. I know she will grow up to be a great dog. I couldn't have asked for a better experience than the one I had with Peretti Cane Corso and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for this exceptional breed.

Prior to meeting Mike, we looked into many breeders and tried to compare them and to be honest, we didn't even think twice about going through Peretti to recieve the puppy of our dreams. We want to thank Mike and Courtney for helping us throughout this whole process, it was an amazing experience. We were welcomed at their home on numerous occasions just to visit with the dogs because we were anxious to own one. His home and where the dogs resided, inside and out, was immaculate and sanitary. All of his dogs interacted with each other, males and females, which we were surprised to see that. Even before Mia had her pups Mike was sure to answer any and all of our questions, it was a huge relief going through a breeder who knows everything about this breed. We are in love with our newest addition (Cyrus) he is growing healthy and is a playful pup with the family and with our two older dogs. We couldn't be any happier! In the future, we look forward to going through Mike Peretti for a second Cane Corso without a doubt. We are extremely honored to own a pup from their program and would recommend anyone who is looking for a pup to visit them. Mike is always willing to educate people on what to look for as opposed to just making a sale. Peretti Cane Corso truly cares about the best interest of the breed and who owns their puppies!

My name is Mark LaForges and live in winnipeg,canada. We have been in contact with Mike Perette for over the past year. Mike was very Informative explaining his bloodline and what to expect for temperment.He does all the health testing. He always made me feel comfortable and returned phone calls texts and emails with in the day. He is a all round solid guy and a man of his word. Everything I asked for in our next puppy he delivered and more nice wide,low to the ground, wide block head, and to top it all of great tempered girl. She arrived clean completely heathy.
In picking my pup he put me in contact with a well known veteran in the breed Tony Scandy who also gave his time and help pick our girl out. All I can say is Mike went above and beyond my expectations and I would refer her him to anyone looking to put a cane corso into their home. Thanks for the great girl Tika she and Primo get along great!

My husband Justin has owned Cane Corso Mastiffs since 1995, and I since 1997. Over the years we have been lucky enough to own four incredible dogs. Formally only being familiar with Bull mastiffs, I was quickly impressed by Cane Corso’s loyalty and affection towards their owners. This breed is extremely protective of its family, especially the children. After lost our Cane Corso, Maximus, this year we started our search for a new breeder. We interviewed many on the phone, but were dismayed by their lack of knowledge about their breed lines, temperament, or even their availability to be interviewed in person. Justin and I found it imperative not only to interview a breeder's dogs, the the breeder him or herself. Many breeders we worked with in years past are no longer in the business, so we were lucky to find Mike of Peretti Cane Corso. Mike highly encouraged us to come to his home, where all of his dogs live, to meet them, and himself, and his fiancee Courtney. We took him up on his offer and were immediately impressed in a number of ways. Both he and Courtney knew each dog in depth, and were able to describe his/her temperament and genealogy in detail. His dogs are very fluid in their movement, not at all presenting as clumsy or heavy footed. His line of dogs are clearly breed with a focus on health and temperament. He explained why he puts so much thought into choosing the individual dogs he will bred in order to ensure a high quality of health and temperament. As much as we felt we were interviewing Mike, he was also interviewing us to ensure that we would provide a type of home that he feels his dogs deserve. It was also very obvious that Mike is not a breeder in the business to make money: he is interested in enhancing the lineage of this very special and unique breed of dog.
Temperament of our dogs is crucial when choosing a breeder, since we’re a family with a 6 and 2 year old. Mike’s commitment to producing a line of dogs with superior temperament was evident. This was apparent in every detail regarding his dogs, extending from his choice of diet, to their cleanliness and the organization of his indoor and outdoor facilities. His impeccable knowledge of the breed is reflected in all the high-quality aspects of his dogs.
After what seemed endless questions and multiple conversations with Mike, we felt he was clearly a breeder with superior ethics, knowledge, and a commitment to the positive advancement of this breed. His line of dogs will only benefit the Cane Corso world, and we feel fortunate that he approved our application for a puppy. Soon after a birth of a litter, weekly online photo albums of the puppies were sent to us. Opportunities to visit the puppies were encouraged by Mike and Courtney. Now we have Buca (after Sambuca), a new female member of our family.
The high level of service and professionalism we experienced throughout the entire process, continued after we brought Buca home. Mike has called to ensure Buca is doing well, and has promptly returned any of our calls, no matter how trivial the question.
We are extremely fortunate to have discovered Peretti Cane Corso! We highly recommend Mike as a breeder and will definitely be using him in the future to further expand our family.

Thank you, Mike, for breeding such an exceptional line of dog!
Buca thanks you too!
-The Morine Family

My wife and I first meet Mike at Borderland State Park. The first thing that we noticed was the attitude of the dogs. Mike was with his two Cane Corso's and another couple had their Corso that they purchased from Mike. Although there were many dogs around Mike's dogs seemed indifferent. They stayed close by and didn't bark or pull when others approached. My wife and I at the time were looking into a Bull Mastiff and were not that familiar with the Cane Corso. We approached the group with our Daughter and was surprised that there was no jumping or aggresiveness. We held them up for almost and hour and they were more than gracious to answer all of our questions. Mike was genuinely a good guy. After that we started to look into the breed. We had spoken to Mike many times and he always spoke of temperment and the importance of a well balanced dog. We did some research and felt that this breed would be a good fit for our family. We were thrilled when MIke had contacted us to let us know that Mia had her puppies. Mike kept us updated with weekly pictures until the day we could pick them up. We are more than pleased with the personalities of both of them. I would recommed Peretti Cane Corso to anyone looking into this breed. Mike is extremely knowledgable and genuiley cares for each and everyone of his dogs. The whole experience has been enjoyable and glad to have our new additions to the family.

Mike and Peretti Cane Corso are the best! Peretti Cane Corso is one of the only breeders in the country that will stand behind their dogs for health AND temperament. Mike never rushes you and strives to educate everyone who inquires completely and with much passion. I got my Cane Corso through Mike, have been to his house several times, and I can honestly say his dogs are the friendliest group I've ever met! There's not one that I would be the slightest bit worried to have around my kids. I look forward to seeing the continued success of his program.

Feel free to contact me for references.

Hi Mike. We would like to thank you again for a wonderful dog. Tess is doing great and we will send pictures shortly. 
We’ve been very busy but we would like to say a few things about your facility. Mike and I were very impressed with  all of your dogs and how your facility was set up. They all had nice runs, shade and plenty of room. Every dog was  friendly, clean and very attentive to who was there. You’ve done a nice job and we look forward to hearing how Mia is doing. 

Donna & Mike Nadeau
Seekonk Mass

Just a quick note to thank you for all you’ve done to educate and inform me and my family about the Cane Corso breed, leading ultimately to us adding our newest family member, Kane.
From long phone conversations, during which you never made me feel rushed, to inviting us to your home to meet you, Courtney, and your dogs, I am grateful for your patience and willingness to share this great breed.  I was truly amazed at both the temperament and quality of your corsos.  They were ALL very friendly, especially to my 7 and 9 year old daughters who don’t have much experience with dogs since our beloved Rottweiler Braden died 4 years ago.  I can’t believe how they just lay down and give you their belly to rub, all while licking you till you’re soaked! 
Having discussed your program in depth with you, it is quite obvious that you and Courtney aren’t in this for the money.  You have a true love for the breed and a mission to improve it by only breeding worthy dogs with not only great Penn Hip scores, but “family” temperaments as well.
Enclosed are a few photos of us with Kane.  I look forward to staying in touch and your continued support as we raise him.   

The Walsh Family

Hello Mike,
I would like to thank you for all your hard work in helping Cole and I acquire our handsome new pup Diesel. You truly went above and beyond any expectations that we might have had of a breeder! From the beginning you treated us as if we had known you for years. You answered all of our questions no matter how trivial with the utmost honesty and sincerity; furthermore you also educated and enlightened us about this fantastic breed of dog. Your knowledge as a Cane Corso breeder and unpretentious integrity is most highly commendable! Through the entire process you made us feel as if we were getting preferential treatment bending over backwards helping us in any way possible. You are truly a leader in the advocacy of this wonderful breed of dog! Finally I would highly recommend anyone entertaining the idea of owning a Cane Corso Mastiff to seek out your services. Attached are photos of Diesel as he has been growing and maturing. Thank you again. 

David and Cole

We feel extremely lucky to have obtained one of Mike’s beautiful Cane Corso puppies.  My girlfriend had decided to purchase a puppy and I suggested she consider this breed.  She began her research and decided the Cane Corso would be right for her family.  After exhaustive research and phone interviews, she found Mike of Peretti Cane Corso.  His female, Mia, was expecting and Rebecca was in line for one of his puppies.  My family decided at the last minute that it was the right time to bring a dog into our home as well.  We were so excited to get littermates so our newest family member would have a playmate. 

Mike welcomed both our families into his home and answered all of our questions.  He also was excited about sending sister puppies to close families who would raise the pups together.  Unfortunately one of Rebecca’s boys had an allergic reaction while visiting the Peretti’s.  To avoid a situation where they might have to give the dog up, their family backed out of the deal.  Mike was truly understanding and helpful.  We still brought Bella home and have been nothing but thrilled.  Mike’s dogs come from an excellent and stable line of Cane Corsos, and Bella is no exception.  She is a beautiful black brindle who gets nonstop compliments wherever we go.  She has a wonderful temperament… her tail is always wagging and she is happy to greet all newcomers with affection and lots of licking!  She plays in a friendly manner with all the strange dogs we meet at the dog park.  She is patient and loving with my two small children (age 5 and 7) Luckily Rebecca’s son has played with Bella on many occasions, with no allergic reaction whatsoever.  They are now even more excited to get one of Mike’s next puppies and I’m sure Bella will have a new best friend.

 The best part of dealing with Mike is his love and interest in this breed.  He is always available to answer questions.  He even called us for an update when we were too busy to call.  He truly wants to know if there are any issues with the puppy as he wants to breed his dogs to achieve the best health and temperament possible.  Thanks again Mike! 

The Zimmermann’s

My fiance and I were searching for a large breed, calm temperament, family dog. Through extensive research, I found Mike's website with a ton of great information. The website alone helped narrow down our decision to go with this breed. We have a 6month old son and an 8 year old daughter. My fiance was hesitant to go with a breed as large as a Mastiff. Once we met Mike and Courtney with our baby and their 8 dogs, she felt at ease. They welcomed us into their home and treated us like family. They brought out each of the dogs for us to see how they would interact with our 6month old. We knew right then that this was the right fit for our family and lifestyle.

 Mike is so knowledgeable and passionate about his dogs he could tell which puppy at 8 weeks was best for us.  The day finally came that we could go see our potential new family member and we couldn't have been more pleased with his choice. Mike in fact picked out the puppy that was meant to be ours. We named him Zino, he is brindle in color with an Amazing temperament. Zino has been with us for 6 weeks and it feels like he has been in our family forever. He is great with the baby, house trained and listens to commands already. We couldn't of asked for a better experience than the one we had with Peretti Cane Corso. My fiance and I would recommend them to anyone thinking about this breed.

 Thank you so much Mike and Courtney for Zino
J.R. and Jami
Somerset, MA

My wife and I have been searching for a Cane Corso breeder and attending shows for the last year or so. We attended the RI show this year and had the opportunity to meet Peretti Cane Corso and his handler. We were totally amazed with the temperaments of his dogs. We found great interest in his program. His dogs were totally approachable and enjoyed the attention from all age levels. We were invited to come see his program to decide if this was the dog for us.
Last weekend along with many others were at Peretti Cane Corso visiting his kennel. I know that myself and others were totally amazed that all of his dogs males and females got along with each other. Not too mention every dog was approachable in the yard and in their kennel. What amazed us was the fact that he encouraged the children to go let the dogs out of the kennels and have fun with them. From there it was just positive energy from the children, adults and the dogs! I have been involved with large breeds for most of my life and was totally surprised by the balance of the temperament and structure.
I would recommend anyone who has an interest in a large breed dog as a family pet or even a show dog to visit their program. Just to see the greatness of the breed when they originate from proper breeding and socialization.

Just my thoughts.
Dave Laliberte

My wife and I have been in love with this breed for well over a decade now, after the purchase of my first Cane Corso puppy. Having owned and been exposed to many representations of this breed, I can honestly say that I have seen both amazing examples of Corso's as well as beautiful yet extremely unstable and or unhealthy animals. With that said we definitely recognized the importance of working with a reputable breeder that shared the same love and good intentions for the breed as we did. Many years of countless conversations and several visits to various breeding programs were had until we found a breeding program that reflected what we were looking for in a Cane Corso. After hearing Mike Perette's name come up in conversations with other Corso owners and people involved in showing their dogs, I decided to reach out to him. After speaking with Mike and hearing is genuine love and enthusiasm for the breed, there were a few things that really stood out. Mike recognized some of the problems that were becoming all to common with health and temperaments as well as conformation. He expressed his concern for maintaining the true breed standard with a strong commitment to health and stable temperaments. Makes sense as he is currently the head of health and genetics for the CCAA. Mike and Courtney quickly invited us to come see their program. We were immediately blown away! The thing that immediately stood out was how stable each and every dog was. Not only were they great physical representations but they each greeted us with nothing but love. Even more impressive was seeing several dogs run together, even of the same sex. That was a first for me. Everything from the cleanliness and size of each dog's space to the quality of food they were fed was consistent and impressive. We made our decision that day to get our next pup through Mike and Courtney's program. Months after placing our deposit, a litter that we had been hopeful for was on the ground. We were in close contact with Mike leading up to the litter as well as after they were born and now that we have our pup. Mike and Courtney worked with us to ensure we got a puppy that completely represented everything we wanted. Mike was always happy to answer any and all questions we had as well as to talk with us about any concerns that we might have had. We literally could not be any happier with our decision! Keno is now 11+ weeks and he is everything we could have hoped for. Everyone from our vet to our friends/family and other dog owners are amazed with him. He is absolutely beautiful with the sweetest disposition towards every person and dog we have introduced him to. At 11 weeks he is already near completely housebroken, knows 'sit', 'high five' and we are working on stay and heel. He is truly the perfect addition to our family! Thank you Mike and Courtney!

 Walter Kurick

My name is Anthony Pelletier. I began thinking about getting a dog about a year ago after a long period of not owning a dog. I had always had large dogs so I was looking for a big dog that would be able to live in a city apartment. Then one day our student intern brought his mastiff into the office and I fell in love. I began to research mastiff's on the internet and discovered Cane Corso's. In my search I came across Mike's website and sent an email asking about the breed. Mike called me up and began talking to me about his dogs. The upshot was that in February he invited me to come out, meet his dogs and interview with him to see if one of his dogs would be a good match.

I left home with some pretty set ideas of what I wanted. A female dog, preferably a light color. Mike introduced me to his pack and began talking to me about his breeding program with its emphasis on temperament and health. He asked me about my experience with dogs and specifically if I had owned large dogs and if I had any experience with training a dog. All the while he and Courtney were bringing his dogs out, each one as friendly and happy as the next. Mike doesn't have to sell you on his dogs, they sell you on the breed. By the time I left, my only stipulation was I didn't want the ears cropped and I knew any puppy I got from Peretti's would be a great dog.

When I got a call from Mike this spring asking me if I would take a male puppy I jumped at the chance. After that I started counting the days until I would be able to pick up Rocco.

Bringing one of Mike's dogs into my home is one of the best decisions I have ever made. He already responds to his name, knows "sit", "down" and gets better every day at "with me" when we are out walking. He is a friendly, happy little dog and a great ambassador for the breed. He loves people, is making dog friends in the neighborhood and I am constantly stopped by people who want to meet him and ask about him. It is also a good feeling to know that Mike has extended himself, so that if any questions should come up, I will have the help I need to ensure that Rocco continues to be the wonderful puppy that I picked up.

Though I have only had him a few weeks now, I can't imagine life without him. I am looking forward to many years of joy with my new friend and can't recommend Mike or his dogs highly enough.


Peretti Cane Corso is not a typical breeder.  The whole experience was far above the competition.  My wife and I shopped several locations before we found Peretti Cane Corso.  None of them were as informed. None were willing to educate like Peretti.  Mike and his wife have a strong passion for the breed but we never felt pressured or rushed into anything.  Peretti Cane Corso encourages questions.  Best of all to us is the health and temperament guarantee. We recommend Peretti to anyone looking to purchase a large breed. 

Regards, Anthony Sciaraffa

Mike ;

  I have had Tess with me for a month now. I am so in love with this dog. I had to have a dog put down last winter and missed her very much. She was a dog with many issues however, and although I wanted another dog, I did not want to have another dog with so many issues. I researched many breeds, and was very impressed with the Cane Corso. I started calling breeders all over the country, and had lists of questions that I asked. They would answer some of my questions, but not many asked any questions about my situation, or evaluated me to see if I would be a good owner of a Corso.

   I called Mike and left a message. He called me back promptly. He talked to me about my home, my experience with dogs, my lifestyle, and why I wanted a Corso. He invited me to come to his home. He told me that he did not want to sell me a dog until I saw the dogs and he saw if I was a fit with them. I went down to see him, and even though he and Courtney were in the middle of a move, and planning a wedding, they spent the entire afternoon with me, introducing me to all of their dogs, and one special one. My Tessa.

   He told me all about each dog, showed me their vet records and Penn Hip scores. He talked about health problems in the breed, and how he is very selective what dogs he breeds to minimize health problems. My daughter, who has also had experience breeding dogs, and is very knowledgeable, came over, and talked to Mike about his breeding program. He answered all of my questions and her questions.

   Every dog was happy, confident, calm, and friendly. They had wonderful temperaments. I fell madly in love with Tessa, and could only think of taking her home. I knew he had others who wanted her, but I was thrilled when he decided that Tess and I were a fit.
   Since she has been living with me, she has fit into my household wonderfully. We walk twice a day, in many different environments. She is friendly to everyone that we meet. Nothing bothers her. People are constantly asking me about her, sometimes even turning their car around and coming back, getting out and talking to me about her. She is a beautiful chestnut brindle, and turns heads wherever we go. The vet is crazy about her. She has never seen a Corso with Tessa's temperament.

   A dog walker comes every day while I am at work to take her out, and recently left me a letter saying how great Tess is, and he wishes all of his dogs were as good as her.

   She is a very good girl, and I want to thank Mike and Courtney for taking all the time to make sure I had the right dog and she had the right owner.

~ Vicki

My search for a Cane Corso began by complete accident.  We had moved to a fairly secluded area on a large piece of property and thought it would be a good idea to find a dog that would serve as a good guard dog as well as a great family pet.  Originally I had my heart set on a Rottweiler, as I began researching the breed I stumbled across a photo of the most amazing, beautiful dogs I had ever seen, it was the Cane Corso.  I had never heard of a Cane Corso but I knew the moment I saw that picture that I had to have one, the search was on!  Firstly I set out researching the breed to find out if it was going to be the right dog for our family as well as trying to find a breeder within our area.  My husband was the hard sell, he was very apprehensive about such a strong dog, leery that it would be a liability rather than an asset.  We read everything we could find on these amazing animals, I was determined to prove to him this was the dog for us. After all the research I knew  I could not compromise and is was imperative that I find a breeder who was breeding primarily for health and temperament.  Someone that was passionate and knowledgeable about this dog.  After months of research, countless emails, phone conversations and kennel visits, I was starting to think my husband was right. We were finding that the majority of breeders we spoke to and visited were primarily concerned with what we were willing to pay.  We were introduced to countless unstable animals that were being breed purely for a profit. We felt defeated.
I had contacted Mike at Peretti Cane Corso a few times throughout my search for his advice.  I really hadn’t considered traveling all the way to Massachusetts, but even so, he was extremely helpful  and he was immediately willing to answer any and ALL questions I had, and believe me I had plenty! It didn’t matter that I had no intention of buying a dog from him, he wanted to educated and help me.  He had a wealth of knowledge about the breed and his passion for this dog was evident the minute I spoke with him. After months of coming up empty with the, so called, breeders in our area, I realized that if I wanted a sound healthy dog from a reliable, ethical breeder, the trip to Massachusetts was my only option.  A few weeks later my family and I loaded up and made the 7 hour drive and it was worth the trip to say the least! We were immediately at ease after meeting Mike and Courtney and all the wonderful dogs in their program.  Our search was over and we had finally found the breeder we were looking for.  Mike spent over an hour with us going over each dogs health, temperament as well as educating us on his breeding practices and that was before we even laid eyes on his dogs! We all left that weekend knowing we were in good hands and were elated that were going to be getting our first Corso from Mike. We had countless phone conversations, received pictures and emails throughout the breeding and after the puppies were born.  In the midst of all this Mike and Courtney were in the middle of buying a home, moving, and planning a wedding but we were never put off and not one of our questions went unanswered! 
He took the time to find out exactly what we were searching for in our new puppy and he with his help and expertise we ended up with our perfect puppy, Frankie!  And much to our surprise a couple of weeks before we were to pick up our puppy one of the dogs from Mikes program was also going to be available.  We had fallen head over heels for him when we first visited Mike and we were overjoyed that he was willing to work with us and allow us to bring home "Teddy" as well!!!  Mike called the day after his honeymoon to check on us and give us advice on the dogs.  I couldn’t have asked for more in a breeder!! Working with Mike was an absolute joy and we are so thankful were able to add these two amazing dogs to our family!!
Candi Quill
Cayuga NY

I was researching online and in books to find the perfect dog for my lifestyle and my family.  I wanted a dog with a calm demeanor, not hyper.  I wanted a dog that could offer protection but was at heart a friendly dog.  I decided on a Cane Corso because I really like the way the dog looks, muscled and short haired, calm and able to protect; not too large or too much shedding and not a small yipping, hyper breed.

     I went to work trying to find a Cane Corso.  I was drawn to Peretti Cane Corso as a breeder for many reasons.  First the fact that he was local to me meant a great deal.  After meeting with him and talking to him I realized how knowledgeable he was about the breed.  He was trustworthy and honest and encouraged me to check out other breeders to see how he compared.  He wanted me to be completely satisfied with him and his pups.

     I was invited out to meet his wife and his dogs.  I was impressed with how organized and clean his kennels were.  The dogs were in supreme condition and well cared for.  They were well fed and the affection felt for the dogs was evident in both Mike Peretti and his wife.  The dogs were calm and met me (a stranger) with no growling, barking, jumping, or nervousness.  I decided that this was where my next member of the family would come from.

     I was told the cost up front and received a written contract.  I was informed of the birth and provided with pictures of the pups as they grew.  When it was time to bring our new addition home I was very impressed with the size, condition, and stance of the new pup.  The fact that hips and temperament are guaranteed for three years just put the agreement over the top and I went home with a very loving, curious, well adjusted pup.

     In closing I would recommend Peretti Cane Corso to anyone considering this breed of dog not just for the quality of the dogs, the guarantees that come with the pups, or the low cost but also because it is evident that the Perettis’ care immensely for their dogs truly desire to produce pups that will live long and happy lives in their new homes.

Melissa Weinert


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