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Training Solutions for your new puppy:

Intensive Socialization/Obedience training course beginning at 2 months of age (8 weeks):
This program is for someone who wants their dog taken straight from the breeder and given proper socialization and basic training to ensure a well behaved dog before taking the puppy to your home. With all breeds, proper socialization with other dogs, children and adults is essential in the mental development of a young dog, with a busy work schedule or very little free time, it is hard to get your puppy out every day for proper exposure to ensure that not only is he taught to be friendly and happy around strange people and dogs, but also exposed to strange environments outside of a “kennel” situation. Your puppy will be taken on field trips to different locations to ensure exposure to these safe, but potentially stressful environments (pet stores, parks, urban environments, water, snow, vet offices, etc) The duration of this stay is up to two months. When the puppy turns four months old, he/she will go through our basic obedience program. The following ON LEASH commands will be taught: Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, No jumping. Puppies must be current on ALL vaccinations and be provided with food/medication (including flea/tick/heartworm) for the duration of their stay. Crate training will be provided.
Cost: $2500

Fully Trained  Companion dog:
For those that want to purchase a dog as a puppy but actually take delivery of the dog as a fully trained juvenile (6-8 months old), we offer a program for intensive on and off leash obedience training/socialization/environmental exposure. It includes all of the basic obedience, socialization and environmental exposure that is included in our other training package, but takes things a step further by training your dog to respond to commands under distraction while off leash. A remote training collar is included in this training package and the following commands will be taught: On leash- Sit, Down, Stay, Heel and  Off Leash- Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Heel, and the ever popular “Place” command. Puppies must be current on ALL vaccinations and be provided with food/medication (including flea/tick/heartworm) for the duration of their stay. Crate training will be provided. You will receive 2 follow up training lessons to ensure that the dog is responding to your commands. Duration of this stay is up to 4 months.
Cost: $4250

Our normal training programs for those that want to raise their puppy in their home begin at 4 months old and have a 3-4 week duration, please see our conventional training program packet.

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Canadian services:

Cassie Penney is a certified dog trainer and canine behaviourist located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She is currently certified under Canadian Canine Training Academy. Cassie is also the co-owner of an up and coming Cane Corso kennel called East West Cane Corso’s under the mentorship of Mike Peretti. Cassie is qualified to train puppies, basic obedience, advanced obedience, E-collar training, and more. She is also qualified to train dogs with mild to severe behavioural issues. Cassie resides in Ottawa with her boyfriend and their 4 dogs: Ruka (Blue Heeler), Thor (American Pitbull Terrier), Harlow (Cane Corso), and Rayna (Cane Corso).

Cassie Penney
Canadian Canine Professional Dog Trainer & Canine Behaviourist
Ph: 1-613-355-3234

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